Monday, September 25, 2017

Fall Favs

Hello everyone,

We are still enjoying warm temperatures here
but I noticed on a drive through the country
yesterday that the leaves are starting to take
on their fall colors.
I was thinking of some of my favorite fall
vignettes in our garden from previuos
years and thought you might enjoy
seeing them as well.

So, grab a glass of hot spiced apple
cider and enjoy some fall color.

My husband built this fence and gate several
years ago and it makes a nice backdrop
for a cozy autumn setting.

                                                                      A colorful autumn bouquet.

I added some Autumn touches to
the nook in our Boathouse.

                                                           An Autumn picnic by the pond.

                                                                  An early Fall lunch in the garden.

                                                                    A Fall Tea on the balcony.

                                                                     An Autumn vignette behind the

                                                                        Autumn on our porch.

                                           I am trying to get myself motivated to let go of summer
                                                     and move into Fall......what about you are you embracing
                                                     Fall yet?

                                                                           Thank you for stopping by!


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Garden Bounty

   Hello everyone,

With summer coming to a close there
is still lots of beauty to be had in the

A little garden vignette with
my garden fairy reading her
book among the roses.

                                                                I love these easy care Knock out roses
                                                                as they put on a couple of good shows
                                                                in the season with a few blooms all

I planted a few dahlias in the garden
for bouquets.

                                                                    Limelight Hydrangeas are loaded with

We have some grapes growing
in our garden.....a gift from
our son.

                                                                Cosmo's are the only annual that
                                                                I grow in our garden. They are a
                                                                great filler in a new bed and add
                                                                cottage charm right up until a
                                                                hard frost.

Annebelle hydrangeas also have a
long season of interest and are easy
to grow.
                                                   The Strawberry Vanilla Hydrangea
                                                              is covered in blooms them!

                                                              Well, summer is offically over but the weather
                                                              is still quite summery here and I am loving it!
                                                               However, I do enjoy the beauty of Autumn as
                                                     just takes me a little longer to get into
                                                              the swing of things.

                                                                 One of my favorite days in autumn is coming up
                                                              on Saturday though as it is the annual 70 Mile Coastal
                                                              Yard Sale and the weatherman is promising warm sunshine!


                                                                                          Happy Autumn!